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Welcome to Community of International Science-Industry Parks!


Since 1993, Great Wall Enterprise Institute (GEI) has been growing along with China’s science-industry parks, witnessing while also actively contributing to the transformation in which pieces of desolated land became carriers of high-tech industries and eventually new modern urban districts. SIPs have been very important pillars of China’s development often summarized as processes of industrialization, urbanization, digitalization, marketization and internationalization.

In the past decade we’ve had fruitful communication and collaboration with partners around the globe and are so happy to see similar processes of transformation taking place in other parts of the developing world. However, efforts of cross-border exchanges have been much limited by distance, language, and the complexity of the topic itself. Thus we strongly feel a need of an international mechanism to focus on science and industry parks as effective method to achieve high-quality and sustainable development.

With support from our partners, we are honored to take the initiative to formally inaugurate the Community of International Science and Industry Parks with the hope of creating an open and inclusive platform for global professionals to share wisdoms and work together in pursuit of a more dynamic and innovative socio-economic advancement.