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       Initiation of CISIP

During the 2019 Shanghai Pujiang Innovation Forum on May 26th, GEI President Mr. Wang Delu delivered a keynote speech titled “Developing New Economy on Belt & Road” with Science Park Cooperation” in which he gave an overview of science parks along the Belt & Road region and called for closer collaboration, proposing the establishment of the Community of International Science-Industry Parks.

The initiative was highly supported by GEI's partners, many of which are China's science parks, tech firms and investors, as well as science parks and other innovation institutions in countries along the Belt & Road.

       International Project

Over the years, GEI has had successful international projects varying from SIP development and management consulting, STI-related policy research and formulation, intellectual support to bilateral and multilateral cooperation, and organization of international events related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

In July of 2019, GEI team visited Thailand to conduct in-depth research on 4 science and technology parks, including Bangkok Science and Technology Park, and make suggestions on promoting the reform of Thailand's science and technology innovation system and improving the development level of science and technology parks.

       Science Park Workshop

GEI has been holding international S&T park workshops annually since 2013 to facilitate exchanges of development and management experience between China’s and other countries’ science parks. In 2019, the workshop was expanded and upgraged to “Belt & Road Science Park Management Workshop” in association with CISIP.

In August 2019, 26 participants from 11 countries completed theoretical studies and field trips in Beijing and Nanning to discuss with Chinese science and technology parks and technology companies of future cooperation.

Belt & Road Science Park Development Report

In 2019 GEI launched the research and compilation of B&R Science Park Development Report , aiming to systematically comb the development history and knowledge system of global and Chinese science parks, displaying an overall look of B&R science parks through quantitative analysis, and putting forward a vision for the future development of global science parks and the suggestion to promote international practical cooperation. The 2019 report has been released in October 2019 during the Zhongguancun Forum in Beijing.

Belt and Road Science Park Development Report 2020 was released in December of 2020. The Report analyzes the six major trends and four development models of the "Belt and Road" science parks, the development progress of China's science parks in 2019, and summarizes the construction status and future prospects of CISIP.