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Hungary Holografika Online Business model polishing seminar was held under CISIP organization

Date : 2021-12-13

  On the afternoon of 10th December 2021, CISIP organized an online Business model polishing seminar for Holografika, a Hungarian glasses-free 3D tech enterprise. Balogh Andras Zoltan, science and technology officer of Hungarian Embassy in China, Holografika CEO Tibor Balogh, CTO Balogh Gaspar, and Marketing Director Dobranyi Zsuzsa, former CEO of Microsoft Accelerator (China) Luo Bin, Wang Mian of MIRACLEPLUS, Wang Qiang of HANHAIHOLDINGS, Chen Xuesong of Ye’e Technology Investment online participated the meeting. 7 participants from GEI including chairman Wang Delu attended the meeting.



 CEO of Holografika introduced their company as well as their glasses-free 3D tech products, and expressed their intention to attract financing for the projects of its branch. Luo Bin, the former CEO of Microsoft Accelerator(China), expressed his interest in Holografika, hoping to obtain more information on finance and project planning, and put forward some suggestions for the development of the company. Chairman Wang Delu gave several suggestions to Holografika: firstly, Chinese digital economy companies have achieved explosive growth because they have found clear application scenarios, and there are many glasses-free 3D technology companies in China now. Hungarian companies must find their own clear application scenarios if they want to enter the Chinese market, such as medical care, entertainment etc. Secondly, Chinese investors are more interested in technologies that change industries and change the way people live, so it is the idea(creativity), not the demand, that drives investment. Wang Mian of MIRACLEPLUS also provided advices to the Holografika. Mr. Tibor thanked the participants for their suggestions and said the company is also thinking about further developing medical scenarios, and he expressed his willingness to continue in-depth communication with the Team of GEI and CISIP to seek suggestions. 


Finally, all the participants expressed their willingness to further deepen the understanding, NDA may be signed in the near future to continue the cooperation of the next step.


Hungary Holografika Introduction

Holografika carries out unique research and development work in the fields of optoelectronics, photonics and 3D imaging technologies. It has an extensive international industrial relationship system, and works with the world's largest companies and university research institutions. It is an active participant of the European research. Many of their international patents relate to HoloVizio technology, which is the world's first holographic system, a 3D visual display that doesn't require 3D glasses, people can walk around the image, can look behind the object being displayed. This technology creates a natural effect and the viewer doesn't have to be in a fixed position.