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Xi’an Good Doctor Medical Science and Technology Co. Ltd., Xi’an Accurad Network & Techonology Co. LTD. and Thailand Science Park Online docking

Date : 2021-11-30

On the afternoon of November 29, 2021, Xi 'an Good Doctor Medical Science and Technology Co., LTD., Xi 'an Accurad Network Technology Co., LTD., and Thailand Science park conducted online docking in the first negotiation room of GEI.

Chainan Saengsurathum from Thailand Science park introduced the upcoming Thailand Life Science Exhibition to others. Mr. Li from Good Doctor said that they would be interested in the exhibition if the exhibition targets include hospitals, medical institutions and other professional organizations or departments. In addition, Mr. Li mentioned when they try to do their business in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, they face some obstacles in policy approval, so he hope to know some relevant policies regarding these problems.

Mr. Chainan said that he could help organize resources docking between enterprises and hospitals and other institutions to promote cooperation, and will get to know more about medical licensing and reply later.