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Brazil Santos Laboratory and Beijing Hyperion Technology Co., Ltd. online docking

Date : 2021-11-15

On the morning of November 12th, under the co-organization of Great Wall Enterprise Institute (GEI)  and the International Science and Technology Industrial Park Community (CISIP), Beijing Hyperion Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hyperion) and Santos Lab in Brazil conducted online business docking exchanges in the fourth meeting room of GEI.



Brazil’s Santos Laboratory was established in 2006 and is committed to the development of integrated aviation unmanned system innovation. Its software is also used in the fields of agriculture, environment and infrastructure management; Hyperion was established in 2019 and is engaged in the development of online analytical testing instruments. R&D, manufacturing and sales, focusing on the R&D in the field of near-infrared spectroscopy and its application in the industrial Internet field, mainly for industries that require online testing such as feed, food, tobacco, medicine, and petrochemicals.

The two parties introduced their business and development direction online. Hyperion believes that Brazil is a good potential market for its future development, and Santos Lab is very interested in Hyperion 's near-infrared spectrometer and other equipment systems. After exchanges, the two parties reached a cooperation intention: First, the NDA was signed, and then Hyperion would open the relevant data about the near-infrared spectrometer to the Santos laboratory, and the Santos laboratory would conduct evaluations and market surveys in the customer group for the data. The two parties agreed on Christmas Before the holiday, they will have a more specific communication to discuss in detail the next cooperation plan.


As a consulting company with international business, GEI is willing to build bridges and platforms for cooperation between China and other high-tech enterprises in other countries, help them establish business contacts, find more development opportunities, and promote the "going out" of high-quality Chinese enterprises. And the "bring in" of international high-quality projects.


International Science-Industry Park Community: It was jointly initiated and established by Great Wall Enterprise Institute in 2019 in cooperation with domestic and foreign science and technology parks and innovation institutions. The English name is Community of International Science-Industry Parks, abbreviated as CISIP. The Community is a non-profit international NGO community organization that aims to promote cooperation in the “Belt and Road” technology parks, collaboration in innovation and entrepreneurship, cross-border development of enterprises, and humanities exchanges in science and technology, and to create a platform for pragmatic cooperation with a win-win situation. At present, it has received clear support from 40 international science and technology industrial parks and innovation institutions from 24 countries, and has initially formed an influence and appeal in the world of science and technology parks.