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Santos Lab

Date : 2021-11-08

Santos Lab Introduction:

Santos Lab was founded in 2006 to develop UAVs for the military sector. Since 2014, when the first regulations for Civil Applications were initiated, the company has been operating in the agricultural, forestry and environmental markets in Brazil with strong scientific, technological, and commercial partnerships. Santos Lab was structured to act on three pillars: design, manufacture and sale of drone and smart devices / Agronomic Services based on Precision Agriculture / Development of a Digital Platform.

All commercialized products (drones, weather stations, etc., developed or integrated by us or third parties) are also used to provide agronomic services and connect to our platform through APIs. These products, when delivered to the commercial partners, are used as entry points for services and software platforms.

With regard to agronomic services, Santos Lab proposes a One Stop Shop approach, from pre-planting to harvesting, combining images of drones, field agents (for sample/information collection), traditional laboratory analysis and also by modeling ( VIS/NEAR spectroscopy and pedotransfer equations) so that we can provide growers with adequate, accurate and low-cost recommendations. All of this, supervised by a team capable of providing the best agronomic solutions in a timely manner.

Finally, Santos Lab is launching in November a digital platform for Low Carbon Agriculture and Livestock. Santos Lab's Platform has already been validated by trades, banks, auditors/certifiers, and slaughterhouses for Payment for Environmental Services Projects, including carbon credits. Currently, the company is participating with several multinationals in programs to generate carbon credits, according to international methodologies in Brazil and Paraguay, and will expand its operations to Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay next year.

Based on Artificial Intelligence applied to remote sensing techniques, meteorology and climatology, mapping and modeling of ecosystem services, this platform integrates data from different sources and will allow a connection with the different actors involved in the different operations that characterize the activities of the Brazilian agribusiness universe.

Using data analysis, we intend to increase productivity, preserving the environment and generating additional income for the producer and the entire agricultural complex.


Partnership for projects/companies in the field of technologies for agribusiness.

Research developed by Santos Lab:

- Applied remote sensing for soil carbon analysis;

- Applied remote sensing to study crops and plants;

- Mapping and carbon stocks in soil;

- Agrometeorology as a tool to increase productivity;

- Ecosystem Services, biodiversity and water as precursors for environmental payments;


Sensors of interest to the Santos Lab:

- Digital Penetrometer;

- Digital Pluviometer;

- Digital weather stations;

- Portable vis-NIR and mid- IR spectrometers for the detection of organic C in soil [1]


-Portable X-Ray Fluorescence sensors :

- Sensors for soils and leaves;

- Multispectral, hyperspectral and RGB cameras;


- GPS.